Packing Your Storage Unit

Before you start packing your storage unit, you will want to get all your items properly packed and labeled. This means getting plenty of packing material, boxes, markers, tape, etc. You will want to label everything! 

When you start moving items into your self storage facility you will want to make sure you put the heavier and more bulky items towards the bottom and rear of the unit. Start moving everything into the storage unit and make sure to keep an isle so that you can get to the back of the storage unit if you ever only need to get that one item out of the back of the storage unit. Face all your labels out towards the isle or the front of the unit so that you can quickly know what is in each box.  For those awkward weird shaped items usually toward the ceiling of the storage unit there is some extra space to put those.

Always remember to look at a size guide when you are looking at which sized storage unit to get so that you can properly determine if all your items will fit in that sized unit. Also when you are done packing your self storage unit, make sure that you put a strong sturdy lock on the door. We recommend using a disc lock because it's nearly impossible to cut the bar.